RODRIGUES & BRANDÃO,LDA - Imports to Portugal

RODRIGUES & BRANDÃO,LDA- established since 1984, as importer and distributer for all portuguese market.

Regarding our experience in the market, during more then 25 years, as a commercial company, on rubber industry (selling raw materials for rubber industry, also finished rubber products), on foundry industry (selling special ferro-alloys and steel shot and grit), on metallomechanics (selling steel shot and grit for blasting) and granite industry (selling steel grit for the cutting of granite blocks), we are open on develloping other business on all mentioned fields.

The company has own offices, warehouse and facilities (around 1.100 square meters, located on Maia - the most important industrial area surrounding Oporto. Near the Oporto airport and Leixões harbour.

Rua Raimundo Durães Magalhães, 166 | Zona Industrial da Maia 1 – Sector I | 4475-189 Gemunde – Maia - Portugal| Tel. 229 479 030 *| email:
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